(For Direct Wall & Ceiling Plastering)

It is a premium quality plaster product from Prabha Specialities. Apart from its many exceptional attributes, it provides tremendous resistance against earthquakes due to its light weight. Our eminent artifact ensures optimum utilization making your structure sturdy and durable.

Gypsum plaster is a highly processed form of Calcium Sulphate which indeed is highly durable and stable. Mineral gypsum is a natural and eco friendly product. The entire gypsum plaster is approved by CII-IGBC for consideration towards Green Building rating system (LEED) points. Gypsum is perfect to be applied directly on almost all surfaces like Bricks, Blocks, Concrete wall, Granite, Laterite, any rigid surface etc…….

Benefits of Green Gypsum Plaster:

  • Green Product
  • Natural
  • No Need of Cement, Sand, White Cement and Wall putty
  • No Cracks
  • Perfect Line and Level
  • No Need Water Curing
  • Longtime Durability
  • Light Weight Material
  • High Bonding Strength
  • Ready to Paint
Products / Parameters Green Gypsum / White Gypsum
Compressive Strength per kg/cm2 70
Setting Time 15-30 mins.
Area of Application Can be used directly on Bare brick walls, Shiporex blocks, Concrete, Masonry surface etc.
Coverage per 1000 kg/12mm 65
Packing kg 25
Surface Smoothness Smooth Glazed Surface
Colour of Finished Surface Super Milky White



Gypsum Plaster contains no dangerous chlorides. It retains its composition for thousands of years as testified by the Cheops Pyramids.


Gypsum Plasters have low conductivity and good thermal properties, ensuring energy and power saving. Tested in accordance to BS 874:1973. Appendix – C, Class “A” in accordance to DIN 4102. The thermal conductivity is 0.2 W/mk.


Gypsum Plasters exhibit high tensile and flexural strength. They are less prone to cracking or debonding due to thermal, tensile and shearing movement of the background.


Gypsum Plasters will not harbour insects or nourish mould growth or fungi. They pose no health hazards and are therefore frequently specified in hospitals and clinics. They are gentle on skin and offer a clean, healthy environment.


Gypsum Plasters require no water curing and should be permitted to dry out as quickly as possible. A definite advantage considering the weather conditions weather conditions in the Tropical Country like India.


Gypsum is non-combustible (inert), designated class ‘O’ in accordance to BS 476:4:1970, and contains a high content of crystal water. In the event of fire, will act as a barrier and will protect the block work, concrete and steel.


Gypsum (Calcium Sulphate) as a binder is used in the manufacture of acoustic tiles and plasters. It is a contributory factor to the absorption of air-borne sounds.


Due to the nature and structure of Gypsum, it exhibits excellent bonding properties hence is applied in a single coat on R.C.C. Ceilings, Internal Bare-Brick walls, Hallow Concrete Blocks and Concrete Blocks.


The Gypsum blended plaster is the perfect rust preventive agent and inhibits corrosion of electrical metal fittings, pipes etc. Metal lathing embedded in Gypsum Plaster will not corrode or rust. Serves durable & life-long.


International Gypsum Plasters are pre-mixed and available in easy handle bags; only the addition of water is required. A single coat application suffices in most situations resulting in less wastage of time, labour and material. Semi-skilled masons can be taught how to apply and achieve excellent finishes within a few hours on site.


Gypsum Plasters provide a smooth interior finish for ceilings and walls, and is ideal background for good quality paints and wall paper finishes.


Gypsum plasters do not shrink (unlike cement) during the drying out and hardening process.

Cement vs. Gypsum – Comparison
Cement Gypsum
Risks involved as Sand and Cement is to be mixed and processed at the site. The plaster is a ready mix of Gypsum. Hence saves effort and time in a big scale.
Sand is used as an aggregate. As exfoliated Vermiculite is the aggregate, it reduces heat. [Good thermal insulator].
Rough finish and water patch marks occur. Smooth fine finish with no water patch marks.
Requires POP punning for surface finish after sand-cement plaster. Smooth finish is obtained in single application itself.
Setting time: 60 – 160 mins Setting time: 20 mins
Water cracks or shrinkage cracks may happen. Provides crack free smooth surface, once set.
High labour cost and consumes time. Time saving, hence less labour cost comparatively.
Structural changes can happen according to heat variation. Gypsum is Heat resistant so no damage occurs.
Cemented Surface will crack apart and burst when hit by a hard object. Gypsum Plaster will only form a dent when hit by a hard object and will be safe.
“Re work, fittings, refinishing” all are quite difficult in cement walls. Gypsum walls are easily maintainable.
Cement surfaces are catalysts to fire. Gypsum protects your walls from direct fire.
More electricity usage as AC is used inside cement walls. Due to low thermal conductivity of gypsum, AC usage will be less and hence low electricity bills.
  Direct Application Line & Level Smooth Finish Time Saving Quality Assurance Water Curing Shrinkage Cracks
Cement Plaster
Gypsum Does not require Do not appear

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