Artificial Marbles & Granites

Marble Texture Surface Decorative Wall Panel

  • Fireproof, waterproof, light weight, good substitute of natural Marble, MDF board, natural Lumber, Aluminum composite panel, etc. It's widely used on interior wall decoration, for example, Subway, Airport, Shopping Mall, Hotel, Hospital, Office, Kitchen, Toilet, etc.
  • 100% without Asbestos, Formaldehyde, Benzene and any other harmful substance, no radiation.
  • After special treatment, forms Marble texture, Wood grain texture, Aluminum composite panel texture etc. decoration board.

Simulating natural Marble texture UV Flourocarbon Varnish on the surface.


  • Effect of natural marble
  • Texture clear, color uniform, so it can avoid the chromatism of natural Marble in decoration for large area.
  • It is glossy, wear-resistant, and easy clean; the hardness can reach 3H-6H.
  • The weight is only one fifth of the natural Marble and price is one tenth of the natural Marble.

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