14 years of excellence in Gypsum Plastering Solutions

Prabha Specialities, in its constant endeavor to provide high quality Imported Gypsum Plastering in Kerala to the construction industry has surpassed customer expectations in products and services! Prabha Specialities was incepted in 2002 with its corporate base in Cochin. A professionally managed company, Prabha Specialties specializes in International Quality Gypsum Plastering Services

Innovation driven by a desire to excel has always been a hallmark at Prabha Specialities which is reflected in all its endeavours. Gypsum Plastering was introduced for the very first time in Kerala by Prabha Specialities. The company has crossed another important milestone by introducing Gypsum Plastering in Kerala.

The Managing partner of the company, Mr. Jithesh Venugopalan Nair is well versed in the interior decoration field and has held management positions with frontline companies in India. Today, Prabha Specialities is a name closely associated with the Gypsum Plaster in India and abroad, and we are planning to expand our area of operation to other areas as well. Right from inception Prabha Specialities has been maintaining the same level of quality and customer satisfaction. We adhere to strict quality parameters that ensure we offer quality products and services. The company keeps abreast with the ever changing requirements and preferences of the customers and the latest trends and styles prevailing in the market thereby consistently upgrading its product line.

Gypsum Plastering : Our Proffessional Method of Application

(Gypsum Plastering Specification as per International Standard (ASTM&BSI)

For Walls

Providing polymer based Chicken mesh fixing using dry wall screw direct to wall, fixing strips as per water level in order to set accurate level from top to Bottom, Filling Green Gypsum Brand - Gypsum Plaster as per level maintained and finally making slurry foam of Gypsum in order to get very smooth and Glass Finish (Advantage : This would be fully re-inforced plastering system designed for achieving higher strength and Crack free for long duration.

For Walls

Providing Polymer based Chicken Mesh fixing only on concrete Joints, all edgs of Doors and Windows, all conduits , and other junctions were switch boards placed etc and rest applications as mentioned above.

For Walls

Normal Gypsum Plastering without any standard technic for additional re- inforcements.

For Ceiling

Wash the ceiling prior to apply specially maid Green BOND-IT(G- 151) for additional bonding concrete with Gypsum.

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